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Fellow Humans,

Ukrainian children in folk dress

I send my deepest, most heartfelt Prayers & Blessings for Peace in Ukraine.  I am heartbroken by these acts of unnecessary brutality, especially on the heals’ of the fellowship and unity displayed by nations at the Olympics mere days ago.  To initiate such unjust war after all that our world has been through these past years with this devastating global pandemic, shows just how lost Vladimir Putin has become from the highest ideals of Peace, Love & the Oneness of our human family, that saints and sages of every tradition have talked about for centuries.

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Context is this invisible thing that is SO powerful and clearly informs CONTENT.  As Alabama passes the most restrictive abortion law ever, I thought it worth looking at WHO is making this law.  Based upon state analysis here’s some of how Alabama measures up to the other 50 (***In our modern age of “alternative facts,” references for all citations are listed below.***):

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