Earth Alive Retreat

AUGUST  26-28, 2022

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JOIN US in celebration of this miraculous living planet we all are part of.  This family friendly event offers opportunities for rest, relaxation, and renewal.  Experience deeper, more open-hearted connections with others and Earth, as we create a loving community to honor, in sacred space, both our joys and our sorrows.  Activities include: celebration, rituals, sharing circles, healing processes, workshops, and time for exploration, connection and play.  Past attendees enjoy on-going support & connection with our community through virtual Sharing Circles offered all throughout the year.


We offer a supportive place for kids of all ages within the larger community.  Our loosely structured and co-created program includes games, wilderness connection activities, hiking, art, fairy house building, collective storytelling and more.  A place for kids to spend time living close to Earth with the space to allow their creativity to emerge.


In The Spirit of Andrew Goldsworthy we will co-create a living work of art made from natural materials found on the site.  Participants are welcome to bring “alter” contributions such as statues, sacred objects, pictures, scarves, necklaces, stones or crystals, or other meaningful objects, that they can take back with them upon completion of the gathering.  Participants will be able to work on this evolving sculpture and sacred space throughout the gathering.


We close down each night with an open campfire celebration and crowd favorite Saturday evening talent show and sharing opportunities (weather contingent).  Led by some of the finest musicians and long time members of the Earthlands community including Jackie Damsky.  Together we will create a safe, supportive audience for all levels of expression, artistry, and performance.



Gaia’s Meadow at The University of the Wild

73 Glasheen Road, Petersham, MA

Free campsite is included in registration.  Participants unable or preferring not to camp, we offer a limited # of rustic rooms including a Tiny House, onsite offices, and shared pre-made tent spaces on 1st come/1st serve basis for $35.00 per night.  Off site accommodations at local hotels, motels, Inn’s or Airbnb’s may be made at participants own arrangement and expense.  We offer these for your convenience:

  • Clamber Hill Inn & Restaurant, Petersham, MA  –  978-724-8800
  • Hartman’s Herb Farm, Barre, MA  –  978-355-2015
  • The Jenkins Inn, Barre, MA  –  978-355-6444
  • North Quabbin Woods, Petersham, MA  –  888-374-0007

WHEN – Friday-Sunday, August 26-28, 2022. 

Arrival may happen any time after 3:00 pm on Friday and participants should allow adequate time to complete their registration, set up their tents and get settled in.  Dining facilities will be available for an optional potluck prior, but the program will begin promptly at 7:30 pm.  For continuity and to create a safe container, we STRONGLY encourage participants to plan on attending the whole gathering.  Special accommodations will be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the planners.

***SPECIAL INVITE*** The University of the Wild welcomes anyone interested in being on the land in advance of the gathering to come and volunteer, free camping and accommodations negotiable. RSVP to Larry Buell @ 978-855-1420 or


Facilitators include:

Bradley Grove Hyson (Click Link for Bio)

Cathy Pedevillano is a visionary healer, teacher, and guide committed to sharing the teachings of shamanism to bring balance and healing to our world.  She has studied with some of the most well respected shamens, elders, and indigenous healers throughout the world.  Cathy began her career as a wildlife biologist and environmental educator for a variety of state, federal, and private organizations such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Mass Audubon Society, and Northfield Mountain, including teaching outdoor leadership and team building programs for children and adults. For 11 years she worked for the Sacred Earth Network (SEN), consulting, coordinating exchanges of indigenous peoples from Siberia and the U.S., working to protect endangered snow leopards in Eurasia, and designing and leading workshops combining deep ecology and shamanism. Whether in private or group sessions, leading workshops or trainings, Cathy assists people in reclaiming their power and waking up to who they are.

Shanti Om Gaia is a longtime ecospiritual healer, activist, and mystic who has walked thousands of miles on peacewalks in 20 countries and spoken to over 50,000 people about environmental, peace, and holistic health issues. He has facilitated numerous deep healing and connecting workshops and gatherings (including energy healing and experiential Deep Ecology) for groups of up to 100 people and served on the EarthStory (ecological retreat) Council and coordinating team for a number of years.

Pam Kimball, BRETH Facilitator, is an Earth Energy Healer, Dowser, Shamanic practitioner, Inspirational BRETH Facilitator, Geomancer, Reiki and Sound healing practitioner.  Pam works to identify and protect native ceremonial stone landscapes and serves on the Board for the Nolumbeka, which supports educational programs, art, history, music, heritage seed preservation and cultural events of the indigenous peoples of the Northeast.

Keith Harmon Snow, BRETH Facilitator, is the 2009 Regent’s Lecturer in Law & Society at the University of California, Santa Barbara. An award-winning journalist and photographer he is the author of the book: The Worst Interests of the Child.  He is also a Grof-certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork, a Motivational Speaker, and he has facilitated many workshops. His TED-talk is titled What Are You Waiting For? 

Michelle Reid, Children’s Program Coordinator, has dedicated her life to working with children.  She’s a founding parent of the Cape Cod Waldorf School, published a newsletter for children with incarcerated parents, and has taught 3 Sister Gardening.  She’s been blessed with 8 children, 10 grandchildren, and has been a foster parent & adopted 3.  She worked to create a village for youth aging out of foster care that prevented homeless and helped them to become all that they can be.  She enjoys teaching about Mother Nature, caring for small animals & birds in need, exploring the forest, and creating art from natural treasures found there.  She is now the “Community Grandmother,” to many residents of the neighborhood in Massachusetts where she lives.

Dagen Julty has been a music teacher, a professional clown, Merry Maker, workshop leader, camp counselor, baby entertainer, community activist, and co-founder of numerous arts organizations fostering creative self expression.  He has lived in intentional community for 20+ years and has found a way to stay buoyant and optimistic in these challenging times.  Ask him how!


All meals are vegan with gluten-free options available, and consisting of healthy, mostly organic items such as salads & fruits, rice or grain dishes, soups or stews, snacks and juices, coffees & teas.  Some of the highest quality well water from the Quabbin Reservoir watershed is available throughout the gathering.  We do our best to accommodate special food needs/allergies that are communicated prior to the event.  The following meals will be offered:

  • Friday – Evening Pot Luck – **OPTIONAL** – NO MEALS SERVED
  • Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Sunday – Breakfast & Lunch


We’ve found what works best is to loosely structure the gathering around 2-3 hour session blocks that allow us the freedom and flexibility to customize and be responsive to the evolving needs of the group, including adjusting for weather conditions.

*** Schedule is tentative and subject to change ***   


      • 3:00 PM Arrival, Registration & Check-In, Set Up
      • 6:00 PM Optional Potluck
      • 7:30 PM Opening Circle
      • 10:00 PM  Conclude


      • 7:30 AM Yoga and/or Meditation
      • 8:00 AM Breakfast
      • 9:30 AM Morning Session
      • 12:30 PM Lunch
      • 2:00 PM Afternoon Sessions
      • 6:00 PM Dinner
      • 8:00 PM Campfire Celebration & Talent Show


      • 7:30 AM Yoga or Meditation (TBD)
      • 8:00 AM Breakfast
      • 9:30 AM Morning Session
      • 12:30 PM Lunch
      • 2:00 PM Afternoon Session & Closing
      • 4:00 PM Completion & Community Cleanup


To register, simply send an e-mail with the heading “EARTH ALIVE 2022 REGISTRATION” and the following information:

  • Names/(s) – of all adults and children (list children’s ages) who will be attending.
  • E-mail address/es
  • Phone #s
  • Mailing Address

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with payment and additional registration details.

Registration includes on-site camping, 5 meals, all program materials including children’s.

We do our best to make the program available to all who want to attend.  Theses are suggested program donation rates per individual.  We invite those able to afford more, to contribute more and help offest costs of those in greater need:

$250 BY June 30, 2022 – $100 DISCOUNT

$300 BY July 31, 2022 – $50 DISCOUNT

$350 THROUGH AUGUST 26, 2022

*** Children under 5 are free & under 12 are 1/2 price. 

*** Family Rate: $500 parents + $50 per child.

*** Financial Assistance and a limited number of work request discounts are available upon request.


  • Sacred items to contribute to the Earth Art alter.
  • A journal or note book & writing, drawing, coloring instruments including markers, colored pencils &/or crayons.
  • All camping gear including tent, bedding, sleeping gear & towels – unless staying off-site.
  • Toiletries & personal care items.
  • A water bottle, any dietary or nutritional supplements needed, and a food offering for the optional Friday night potluck (if attending).
  • Sun tan lotion, insect/bug repellents or devices.
  • Appropriate outdoor/camping clothing for a variety of New England climates including: shorts, long pants, rain gear, and bathing suits for those who’d like to swim, and a change of footwear.
  • Yoga mats, blankets, meditation cushions or special chairs.
  • Incense, sage/smudge sticks, essential oils.
  • Musical instruments, balls, frisbees or other fun game type things.
  • Flashlights, solar lanterns or other non-flammable illumination.


Requests for mass transit pick-ups & drop offs must be coordinated & confirmed in advance and are subject to staff/volunteer/participant availability.


You may contact us at or 401-575-9973.


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