Life Is A Miracle series

The Life Is A Miracle picture book series combines breathtaking photography with simple text to help introduce young people to the beauty, magic and wonder of life on this planet.

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What People Are Saying:

“Funny how the simplest of words and pictures can have the deepest of meanings.  This series is a beautiful introduction to the beauty and mystery of life.  I’m excited to introduce these to our teachers and educators as they are wonderful stepping stones for classroom discussions.”

Carolyn Anbar, Children’s Books Manager, Watchung Booksellers, NJ

“Eye candy for preschoolers and parents alike, the simple text translates an essential philosophy for the youngest minds.  Hyson’s choice of pictures captures the innocence of children and luminosity of nature.  He helps us teach our children a lesson desperately need about the inter-dependent relationship of beings.  This series will entice your child’s spirit and plant seeds of hope for the healthy survival of Earth.”

Tracy Hart, Editor and Writing Coach, Editing With Hart, RI

“Captivating pictures and simple words convey powerful concepts in a way that is sure to help young readers understand and enjoy.”

Lisa Sedita, Youth Services Supervisor, Montclair Public Library, NJ

The series illuminates perspectives on life I’ve always wanted to share with members of my own family – but I never quite found the right words. Brad has found them.”

Steven Mintz, Writer & Trustee, WT Gardner Theatre Internship Fund., NJ

“Brilliant photographs and simple messages invite both parent and child to explore and experience the beauty of nature.  This inspiring series ignites our children’s spiritual connection to the natural world.”

Marilyn Pelrine, Early Childhood Teacher, Waldorf School of Lexington, MA

“These books get right to the heart of major principles found in ours and many faiths.  They provide a perfect platform for families and educators to begin those early, awe inspired and “important” conversations with children as they begin their investigation of the world around them.”

Judith A. Stein-Farrall, Unitarian Universalist Religious Educator, NJ

“WOW, I love this series and I know the kids in my pre-school would have loved them too. I can’t wait to share these books with my kids and my grand-kids and even adult friends of mine.”

Judy Wolosoff, Pre-School Director – retired, Queens, NY

“This series is amazing!  Vivid photographs and clever, engaging text gently introduces these important concepts to children and adults too.  Thank you for creating these beautiful books.”

Chandra Bossard, Storyteller and Mother of Kai, 3, and Tara, 9, VT

“The images ignite my soul and deepen my desire to be in harmony with Mother Earth.  Simple and Magical!”
Marie Saint-Victor, Artist and Parent, NJ


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