Awakening 101: Foundations For A Healthy, Sustainable, Peaceful World

Awakening 101Awakening 101: Foundations for a Healthy, Sustainable, Peaceful World is a unique, essential book for these times.  It lays out a bold, compelling case for why, for the first time in our species history, we have the people, resources & technologies to end the use of violence to resolve conflict and ensure a basic standard of living for everyone on Earth.  Part philosophical treatise, part self-help, and an impassioned call to our better angels – from a sustainability expert turned Yogi, that really gets at root causes of some of our biggest environmental & social challenges.

Throughout, it offers practical tips that can dramatically improve health & wellness, including cutting edge research, leading thinkers, and experts offering paradigm changing solutions and policy recommendations for transforming ourselves, our communities & our world.  It concludes with a bold new vision for the re-design of our communities and their associated infrastructure and demonstrates dozens of simple, low-cost changes that, when practiced together, stand to make an enormous difference. A must read for students & adults, including policy makers, who are passionate about change for a better world.

What if on the planet right now we had the people, resources & technologies to re-align our communities & institutions in service of our shared good & the time immemorial Holy Grail of Peace on Earth?   Awakening 101 is an inspiring call to action that shows that we have never been better equipped to do just this.

“It’s time to recognize the idea of Peace On Earth is not some hippy-dippy, naive fantasy, but the most efficient, economical and intelligent path forward.” 

Bradley Grove Hyson, Awakening 101

What People Are Saying:

“Offers a most positive direction forward and shows how we can work toward a world where all life can thrive.  Despite many serious challenges, he shows how we have never been better equipped to actually address these issues.  His contribution is powerful, assembling the evidence and examples to help us wake up and live as more fully functioning human beings.”

Jim Merkel, Author, Radical Simplicity

“Awakening is the master game on Earth, and this is a master class.  Let’s learn these lessons so we can all play well.”

Bill Pfeiffer, Author, Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual For An Ecstatic Culture

 “A wonderful primer on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we can go – if we’re bold enough to try.  Important principles for everyone living in the 21st century, keys to not only improving our lives, but ensuring our species survival. 

Barry Brown, MSW, LICSW

 “An authentic and important voice, well worth your time in reading.”  

Greg Gerrit, Founder, Friends of the Moshassuck &

“Truly a clarion call to action to all individuals and organizations engaged in education, politics, religion, and economics to transform our relationship to Planet Earth and all life.  This quintessential work will serve as an inspired roadmap for the future and guide a new path toward social & environmental justice and peaceful practices for all. Hyson’s lived experience as an educator, activist, and yogi brings a new depth and breadth to this necessary genre of Earth-based writing so necessary at the time of Planetary transformation.”  

Dr. Larry Buell, Co-founder of Earthlands, the Outdoor Leadership Program, & Executive Director, of the University of the Wild


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