GoodBradley Grove Hyson is a teacher, speaker, author, organizer, and artist who has dedicated his life to building healthy, sustainable, peaceful communities throughout the world.  Over three decades, he has appeared before thousands of people in a variety of settings and formats.  He continues to lecture, present, coach, consult, and lead different courses, retreats and workshops.  He has authored Awakening 101: Foundations For A Healthy, Sustainable, Peaceful World, the Life Is A Miracle children’s picture book series, and founded Giant Smile Media, a production company that focuses attention on the transformation of individuals, organizations, and communities towards healthier, more sustainable systems and infrastructures, all over the world.

His diverse background provides a unique perspective and insight on solutions to some of the greatest challenges now facing humanity. In his early twenties, Brad founded and went on to lead what would become one of the largest environmental sustainability organizations in the state of Rhode Island and the Northeast.  For 15 years under Brad’s vision they: built a 50-acre environmental education center and state of the art ecological RI Househousing model; educated thousands of students and adults through programs, workshops and events; produced a regional sustainability festival for almost ten years; and worked with congress, the legislature, the governor’s office and a variety of public and private agencies to shape local and national policy and legislation.  Brad received numerous awards and appointments including a fellowship in 2002 to travel the world to document the best examples of ecologically designed community developments in four countries and nine U.S. states.

Brad ran 8 miles up Mt. Washington in jr. high in 90 minutes, finishing 200 out of more than 600 mostly adults

At 13, Brad ran 8 miles up Mt. Washington in under 90 minutes, finishing 200, in a field of over 600 mostly adults

Brad began camping and hiking mountains at a young age and his time in the natural world have made important contributions to his work.  Sports were a big part of his youth.  His parents met on the ski slopes and in addition to skiing and skateboarding, Brad played organized hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and bowling.  At age 11, he was the only youth in his town to receive the Presidential Physical Fitness award.  Brad began running in elementary school and soon became one of the leading middle-distance runners in the world for his age group, running cross country, track and road racing well into high school and beyond.

Health challenges led him to become both a practitioner and advocate of prevention and holistic-oriented wellness approaches.  He has utilized a variety of dietary, healing, personal growth and transformational modalities.  Brad has explored religions of the world and maintained a daily meditation practice for over 25 years.  He’s studied Tai Chi and yoga for decades with a variety of teachers and has twice travelled to India, image for aboutvisiting ashrams, spiritual sites, and becoming a certified meditation trainer.  All these experiences have shown him how essential the collective healing and inner transformation of humanity is for the healing of our planet.

Brad is also a musician who, since early childhood, has developed into a guitarist, singer and songwriter who has played in a number of groups, released two albums, written the theme song for a theater production company, and performed on bills with artists as diverse as Richie Havens, Allison Krauss & Union Station, Don McLean, The Pixies, They Might Be Giants, and Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson.  He has produced a variety of shows and festivals and was the host of a weekly acoustic music night at a prominent music venue.  He continues to write, record and perform live when he can find the time amid his busy schedule.