Earth Alive 2023

Dearest Ones,

I LOVE YOU!  What I mean is that as a human being, I honor the inherent worth & dignity I feel should be afforded EVERYONE!  I hope that you are well and finding your way in these extraordinary times.  If you are challenged or concerned about our world, please know that you are not alone.  I wish for you compassion, grace and the support you need to navigate your unique life circumstances.

To that end, I want to offer you an opportunity to connect with a Loving community of people in a truly special and Sacred way.  People who are also concerned about our rapidly changing world, striving to be kind, conscious, and live lives of integrity that also honor our precious Earth.  Together we work to utilize the power of Earth and each other to create a safe, supportive and nurturing environment to support us in touching deeper aspects of our Being.  The power of Earth to nurture & heal are profound & powerful and have long been recognized by indigenous cultures and our ancestors for thousands of years.  We offer this retreat as a refuge, a place of healing, and an opportunity to ground and re-center.

Great saints & sages say that the whole world is connected and we are all ultimately one, so when we heal & transform, the world heals & transforms, ourselves & all whose lives we touch.  From participating in this work for decades, I have found that when we come together in a sincere & Sacred fashion, we access something truly special that is distinct from when we are alone.  The healing & transformation is nothing less than magical.  People leave feeling better, more calm, open-hearted and often having learned something new about themselves or the world.

When those around us are challenged, it’s even more important that WE remain balanced & rooted so as not to be blown off our paths and be better equipped to help others.  In this time of screens, technology & A.I., I believe it is essential for us to ground & reconnect as often as we can.   Unlike industrial medicine, Earth time & connecting with others offers a powerful healing alternative without side effects.  We ESPECIALLY hear about these impacts on young people, with increases in stress, anxiety and depression. If you know someone who could benefit from this kind of community and work, we encourage you to invite THEM or share this information. We are committed to making this work available to all who wish to participate.

All information on the gathering including registration can be found RIGHT HERE.

In the meantime, we send you our deepest Love & Blessings

Brad & The Earth Alive 2023 Team