Oneness Blessing

Brad & a fellow Teacher at Oneness Univeristy, India

Brad & a fellow Teacher at Oneness University, India

The Oneness Blessing is a beautiful, relaxing and sacred meditation experience that can be easily taught to anyone.  Developed by Oneness University in India, the meditation helps quiet and settle the mind, bringing you more into the present moment to experience greater stillness, peace, and connection to life.

The format generally involves a brief introduction and teaching, followed by one of several guided meditations, the Oneness Blessing, and deep rest to integrate the experience.  The entire experience takes roughly 90-120 minutes, depending upon the number of participants.  Yoga mats, blankets, pillows are welcome to make yourself completely comfortable.

*** The Oneness Meditation is non-denominational and may be practiced by people of all faiths & spiritual traditions ***

If you are interested in hosting a Oneness Blessing meditation at your place of worship, school or organization please contact us.