Fellow Humans,

Ukrainian children in folk dress

I send my deepest, most heartfelt Prayers & Blessings for Peace in Ukraine.  I am heartbroken by these acts of unnecessary brutality, especially on the heals’ of the fellowship and unity displayed by nations at the Olympics mere days ago.  To initiate such unjust war after all that our world has been through these past years with this devastating global pandemic, shows just how lost Vladimir Putin has become from the highest ideals of Peace, Love & the Oneness of our human family, that saints and sages of every tradition have talked about for centuries.

I think of all the young men and women on both sides who could be home with their families instead of risking their lives, the terror of parents with young children having to flee their homes and country and become refugees, or the families of those who’ll never come home.  This war will cause ecological destruction and pollution at time humanity needs to do everything we can to REDUCE emissions.  Russia already possesses more land than any other nation on Earth.  Their population is triple that of Ukraine’s and their military and armaments are exponentially larger, so this isn’t even a fair fight.

I wish I had the solution, the cure, the answer.  One thing I am certain is that we all must find a way to carry on.  I think it’s important that we be spacious and compassionate, allow ourselves the space to grieve and seek support – if needed.  Translating our energies into action is another important outlet. 

If you are called to send prayers, energies or blessings for Peace I encourage you to do so as often as you are able.  Science does not know the full impacts of how such efforts, when offered with sincerity and earnest, may affect others in the energetic and vibrational seas of creation.  We DO know that such practices, at minimum, can positively impact US, and it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility to imagine better versions of ourselves somehow spreading beneficial impacts to others.

All around the world prayers and vigils are being held, I know I’m attending another one tonight.  I applaud the thousands of Russian citizens with the courage to speak up and actively protest and condemn Russia’s actions, risking their lives and freedoms against an already repressive and anti-free speech government.  If YOU are a person who is also committed to Peace – I encourage us ALL to speak up!!!  The people of Ukraine need us not to shrink in fear or apathy, but to have our voices heard. None of us may ever know the ripple effects of our actions.

In times like these, it’s easy to see the world through a very dark lens, but I remind us that this (or any other time of great challenge) is not the whole picture.  Part of OUR work is not to give into fear and lose sight of the mysteries of the cosmos, the magic and beauty of our miraculous living planet, and the millions of loving peoples all over the world who are also working for Peace.

As there’s no telling when this might end, I also remind us that it’s OK to feel joy – even in this dark hour.  Savor precious time together with family, play with your children, connect with friends, enjoy a good meal or walk in the woods.  But be sure to do so with a little more gratitude and reverence – mindful of what our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are going through.

In these times, we need each other. I have found that when we act open-hearted in sincere service to others, it helps US not feel so alone and isolated. I write to remind us to hold our Loved ones dear, be a little kinder and compassionate to those in our lives, and strengthen our resolve to being the best versions of ourselves that we can. 

With Hope & Love