I hope you are well as can be expected and finding your way in these extraordinary times. I want to invite you to join a special community of people who are working to create a safe, supportive and nurturing environment to help us touch the deepest aspects of our Being. From doing this work for over 3 decades, I can attest to the magical quality of this gathering. People leave feeling better, more hopeful, calm, open and often having learned something new about themselves or our world.

So many are contending with so much.  Almost everyone in my life are dealing with some combination of health, family, relationships, housing, career, retirement, aging, or financial issues, as well as existential concerns for Earth, social justice, and right relationship with life itself. Many feel isolated and lonely. If YOU are contending with any of these, know that you are not alone.

My experience suggests most of us avoid our unpleasant emotions in favor of the warm, fuzzy ones. While understandable, there is power in touching our shadows – healing, transformation and renewal. We all feel better when we lighten our loads.

Perhaps the most importantly, we do this work for our children. We create a safe environment for EVERYONE and children and families are always welcome. We think it is critical to model for the next generation that is not only OK, but important to tend to ourselves in this manner.

So we invite you to join us. Information including registration can be found RIGHT HERE.  Perhaps you know someone who could benefit from this kind of community and work. We invite you to invite THEM. We are committed to making this work available to all who wish to participate.

We send our Love & Blessings in the Meantime.

Brad & The Earth Alive Team