HAPPY WORLD PEACE DAY!!!  Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, this day is a globally shared time for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and build a Culture of Peace.  Given it’s importance & beauty, I have long held the dream of this day gaining greater recognition – certainly in relation to so many frivolous things we as nations and global communities celebrate.  So on this special day I humbly offer these prayers I have been blessed to receive over the years.  I also want to share these avenues for participation today from our friends @ Gaiafield (https://gaiafield.net/)

  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL meditation for World Peace anyone can do from the comfort of their home: https://soundcloud.com/davidabheeru/world-peace-meditation
  2. Million Meditators – have 100 free live-streamed meditations in 10 different languages: http://1millionmeditators.com. 
  3. Global Pause/Global Peace Wave — at 12 NOON TODAY wherever you are, observing a minute of silence/moment of peace: https://pathwaystopeace.org/peace-wave/ (I thinks it’s OK to do this anytime if we can’t make noon).

I APPLAUD all who gathered and took actions yesterday to heal and protect Earth and all her creatures – including US!!!!

Blessing & Love on Your Journey

I offer you peace, I offer you friendship, I offer you love

I see your beauty, I hear your needs, I feel your feelings

My wisdom comes from a higher source, I salute that source in you

Let us work together for the earth and the universe


May we humans very, very quickly learn how to live sustainably, in much peace, love, equity, justice, and harmony with all of life on earth!
May all beings be happy!  May all beings live in love and peace!  May peace prevail on this beautiful living earth!
May I do all that I can through my actions, deeds, thoughts, prayers, and lifestyle to bring all of this about!

I pledge allegiance to Life and to the Earth upon which we live
And to my family and the world community
One People, One Universe, Indivisible, With Peace, Liberty and Justice
For All

I release all of my past, negatives, fears, human relationships, self-image, future, human desires, concepts of sex and money, judgement and communication to the Light.

I am a Light Being.  I radiate the Light from my Light Center throughout my being.  I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everyone. I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everything.

I am in a bubble of Light and only Light can come to me and only Light can be here.

Thank you Universe for everything, for everyone and for me.